How Does Quality Score Affect CPC and Conversions in Google Ads?

In this article, I’ll discuss how a quality score from Google ads impacts your PPC campaign’s Cost-per-Click (CPC) and Conversion rates. Your ad rank is also impacted by the Google ads quality score. Let’s get going.

What is Google Ads Quality Score

Google ads give a quality and relevance score on a scale of 1 to 10 to your keywords and PPC ads.

Quality Score will decide the Cost-per-Click(CPC) of your ads. Higher the score lower the CPC and vice versa. This score also decides where your ad will be shown in the ad auction. When the score is multiplied by your highest bid it will give the ad rank in the auction.

Please bear with me even though you may find the terminology above to be a little hazy. We’ll take it apart.

Before going any further, let me clarify exactly what Google looks for in your ads to calculate the quality score. We may go on to improve the score once we comprehend how it is determined.

What factors determine the Google ads quality score

Although Google has not provided a clear indication, we can make the best guess based on our prior experience running Google ads and determine the components that influence the Google ads quality score.

So these are the factors that decide the Google ads quality score.

  • Click-Through-Rate(CTR)
  • Keyword relevancy
  • Landing page quality and relevancy
  • Ad copy relevancy
  • The past performance quality of your Google Ads campaigns.

Although Google has not provided a clear indication, we can make the best guess based on our prior experience running Google ads and determine the components that influence the Google ads quality score.

Other than CTR, keywords play an important role in quality scores. You need to choose your keywords very carefully. Negative and irrelevant keywords will affect your quality score.

Your ad copy and landing page should be relevant. Your landing page should deliver on whatever was promised in your ad copy.

How Quality Score impacts Cost-per-Click(CPC)

The well-known company Wordstream conducted research on hundreds of PPC campaigns and found that quality scores affect how much you spend for clicks.

Let’s first understand how does Cost-per-click of your ad is calculated.

The CPC of your ad is dependent on the following factors

  • Your maximum bid
  • Quality score
  • Ad Rank

Ad rank is calculated as follows

AD RANK = Max bid * Quality score.

Whichever participant in the auction gets more numbers wins that rank.

Let’s understand it with the example below.

How Quality Score impacts Cost-per-Click(CPC)

As you can see in the example let’s assume that there are four advertisers bidding for the same keyword. “Company A” has the highest Ad rank because it has the highest quality score while the other hand, “Company D” has the lowest Ad rank because it has the least quality score.

Therefore, as you see in the last column regardless of the bid amount you have chosen, Google determines the real CPC

A high quality score enhances the likelihood that your ad will appear in a better position while also lowering your CPC.

How Quality Score Impacts Conversions

If you have a low quality score, your cost per click will be substantially higher. Your cost for conversion is more likely to climb as your cost per click does.

Conversion is basically any action that visitor takes on your website for example form fill-ups or any purchase. So generally cost per conversions are higher than the cost per click. However, with a good quality score, we can reduce the cost per click and also get a better ad rank which would help us minimize the cost of conversion.

Following is how Google discounts you based on the quality score.

How Quality Score impacts Cost-per-Click(CPC)
data source:

How to Improve your Google Ads Quality Score

You need to work on the following things to improve your Google ads called score

  • Proper Keyword research: Make sure your keywords are highly relevant
  • Group keywords in proper Ad groups
  • Write appealing and highly relevant ad copies.
  • Make the landing page content relevant to the ad copies and keywords.
  • Optimize the negative keywords list.


Google ad quality score is Google’s way of telling how relevant your ads are to the searchers.

When you keep up a high quality score, Google will give you a CPC discount. With a lower CPC, you may attract more clicks while working within a limited budget, which improves your chances of converting more clicks into sales.

As you know more visits to your site will increase the number of conversions. To get more people to visit your site you need a good ad rank. And you will get a good ad rank when you have a good quality score. So ultimately it all boils down to the quality score.

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