Keyword Research Steps for a Small Business

Keyword Research Steps for a Small Business

1.Create a list of primary keywords 

These are the keywords around your business offering. E.g pet clinic, best hair salon in new york

2. Use Google keyword planner.

Google keyword planner will help you find out search volume and other long-tail keywords

3. Use Google Suggestions

Google will give you more keyword ideas. Don't miss out on it! These are the actual searches people are doing so you can make use of it

4. Find long tail keywords with Answer the public

"Answer the public" is a awesome website to find out more re important keywords for your core topic.

5. Make use of Reddit and Quora to find more keywords

Forums like reddit and  quora are gre great places to find out what pepeople are discussing about your industry

6. Study the keyword before writing. 

Website like secmscoop gives detailed analysis of a keyword. Make use of that.

You are all set to now!