The Complete Python Cheatsheet 2020: Download for FREE

Hello and welcome to the python3 cheat sheet. The only cheat sheet you need to get started quickly with python programming.

Below you find one of the easy to understand and easy to go with python cheat sheets. I’ve combined together the code and explanation for those who are beginning with the python. I’ve covered the fundamentals of python programming that can help you get started. 

Each topic is explained with a practical example you can try it your own. You can copy the code and play with it. I would love to hear your feedback so don’t give a second thought before writing me. Contact me here.

Below are the topics that I have covered in this cheatsheet.

Table of contents

1. Python Basics

  • Math operator 
  • Data types 
  • String concatenation & replication 
  • Variables 
  • Comments 
  • print() function 
  • input() function 
  • len() function 
  • str() int() float() fun

2. Flow control

  • Operators
  • Boolean operators 
  • Boolean evaluation 
  • Mixing boolean & comparison operators 
  • If statements 
  • Else statements 
  • While loop 
  • Break statement 
  • Continue statement 
  • For loop and range function
  • Importing modules


  • Define a function
  • Return value and return statement
  • None value
  • Keyword arguments
  • Local & global scope

4. Exception handling

  • Basic exception handling
  • Final code in exception handling

5. Python Lists

  • Indexing in list
  • Negative indexing

If you want the code you can find it on my GitHub repository.


If you want the jupyter notebook of this cheat sheet please contact me. I’ll share a notebook with you so that you can interact with the code.

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you find this cheatsheet easy and useful please share this post with your friends as well.

cheers! Happy learning 🙂

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