2 Simple Steps to Find Low Competition Keywords

In this blog post, you will learn how to find low competition and high-traffic keywords for free. We all know how important it is to find low competition keywords as it is a crucial factor in Search engine optimization. Your keyword needs to be popular enough and should have low to medium competition. 

I want to share with you an easy way to find low competition and high traffic keywords. That too with a free tool. Yes FREE. 

Websites with high domain authority easily outperform the well-written a low domain authority websites. This is the part of Google’s algorithm and we all know we’ve to deal with it. 

Low domain authority websites can too rank for a keyword by choosing the keywords which are popular enough, in other words, having good monthly searches and keywords with less keyword difficulty is also called low competition.

How to find such low competition keywords?

How to find low competition keywords with high traffic?

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Before diving, let’s understand what are low competition keywords.

What are low competition keywords?

Low competitive keywords are ones that rank with minimal link development and minimal domain authority. Low-competition keywords are those for which just a small number of businesses and websites are openly vying for top organic rankings with SEO.

So here we go,

First, you need to decide on the topic for your blog post. Let’s take an example: suppose I want to write on a “gaming laptop”. Now we have to find the keywords for this topic. Let’s go.

Steps to find low competition keywords

1. Collect the keywords for your topic from keywords.io

This tool allows you to figure out more keywords around your topic. It gives you a list of keywords from different sources such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and few other sources.

As shown in the above image you can put your topic name in the search box and select the source. In this case, I have selected “Google” and your target country which I have selected “India”.

When you hit the search button you will see a list of keywords, these are actual top-performing keywords from Google search. You need to select a few, selected keywords will appear on the right side box.

Now that we have decided on our keywords. We can’t just go on writing around these keywords. We have to figure out which keywords are worth the efforts. I.e which keywords are having low competition and high traffic or search volume.

2. Go to https://semscoop.com/keyword-tool

SEMScoop provides a free keyword analysis service. SEMScoop Free Keyword Tool will show you keywords that are hidden from all other marketers. You can find and analyze easy-to-rank long-tail keywords with this free Keyword Tool, Start using them for SEO, PPC, content creation, and all your marketing.

Enter your selected keywords in this tool to check the competition and traffic. See the image below. I’ve entered the keywords that I’ve selected in the keyword.io tool.

You can see our keywords on the left side and all the required information for specific keywords on the right side such as keyword difficulty, average domain authority, average domain age, average backlinks, and estimated content length.

These things come in handy while crafting your content. You can also find out what web pages are already ranking for specific keywords. You can learn from those web pages as well.

Among the list of keywords on the left side, you have to decide which keyword to go with. Select the keyword which is having keyword difficulty less than 35.

Do you want to go much deeper and want to know other ways to figure out more keywords for your topic?

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Hope you enjoyed this little post. If so please let me know in the comments below.

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