How To Exclude Internal Traffic In Google Analytics [Video]

Internal traffic is the traffic from your computer or your organization. To measure the marketing campaign’s or SEO’s success it is important to exclude the internal traffic.

Using views and filters in GA we can exclude and filter out the traffic from specific IPs.

This is a quick video where I’ve explained how you can create a view and apply the filter in Google Analytics to exclude the internal traffic.

Here’s the video I’ve explained how to exlude the internal traffic from Google Analytics.

Why to exclude Internal traffic in google analytics? 

Suppose you are running an SEO campaign and want to measure the success of your campaign from visitors as a KPI in this case you don’t want to consider your internal company traffic to be counted as a visitor.

When you have outsourced your marketing to an agency at that time it is important to ask them to filter out their traffic.

Creating different views gives you a clear idea about what is going on with your marketing campaigns and how your SEO is working.

Another reason to filter the traffic into different views is to check how people from different places react to your website. YOu can learn much from this data.

Steps to exclude the internal traffic in Google Analytics 

Open your GA dashboard and follow the below steps. 

Go to the Admin area.

  1. Select your account. 
  2. Select the property (website) that you want to exclude the traffic to. 
  3. Click on create the view and name your view. 
  4. Click on Filters. And create new filters as shown in the next steps.

Create a new filter

  1. Click on add new filter, give the name to the filter, and create a new 

2. Add the details as shown below to exclude the traffic from your IP address

Once you add this info hit save.

You are all set. It will take some time. Now you can check a new view as shown below.

You can toggle between the two views to check all the website traffic and exclude internal traffic. 

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