How Machine Learning And AI Can Be Used In Marketing?

Marketing for any field is changing so rapidly that marketers who don’t get up to speed now will get left behind. According to the industry expert, today’s marketers are all looking for new ways to find and attract their target audience & ready to serve in a better way with the use of automation marketing using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Marketing Automation with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, sounds fancy and of course, that is not the problem.  

Marketing automation with Artificial intelligence & machine learning is an increasingly integral part of many industries. But when we talk about AI in marketing, What does it look like?  You can start using artificial intelligence, machine learning to dramatically improve your marketing performance. 

Artificial Intelligence can become a game-changer for any industry that is looking more forward to dramatically improvement of their marketing performance. 

Are you a marketer and you want to improve both the precision & effectiveness of marketing campaigns for better communication? Then you must try for AI (Artificial Intelligence) for marketing. AI for marketing will transform the way businesses interact with customers. 

Why Artificial Intelligence is the future of marketing

The newest way of data-driven marketing strategy is taking the digital world by storm. So Marketing Automation. Artificial Intelligence enables marketers to create highly personalized consumer experiences based on customer behavior. 

AI Marketing is a method of grasping customer data. Machine learning in marketing can be used to anticipate a customer’s next move and improve customer better experience. Artificial intelligence can help to build more effective marketing strategies, it can improve the customer journey also it will help to change the way businesses attract, nurture & convert prospects. Artificial Intelligence in marketing is no longer a far off concept but AI in marketing may feel like science fiction than just concepts. 

There is a lot of hype around marketing automation but still few people are leveraging marketing with AI and machine learning. Today, AI’s algorithms are able to continuously learn and adapt to various data, it can be in the form of the human voice, x-ray images, or other forms of data. AI is able to transform every part of business, from production to customer service, is enormous. It helps to find, attract, nurture & convert prospects.

How AI can be useful in Marketing

The impact of marketing automation is going high on Digital platforms. AI allows marketers to crunch huge amounts of marketing data and reports from social media, emails, web. Moreover, this collected data will help marketers boost campaign performance and return on investment (ROI) faster. So marketing using artificial intelligence and machine learning will be time-saving and it will give time to focus on other equally important tasks. 

Another reason why AI is leading in terms of marketing automation is that customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations so Artificial intelligence will help content marketers understand exactly their target audience & will help to attract, nurture & convert prospects in a better way with automation. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in business has the power to gather and analyze & collect the big data reports to drive consumer insights, and enable fast, efficient decision-making. There are several advantages of using Artificial Intelligence in marketing: 

  • Sales Forecasting 

As mentioned earlier, you can use Artificial Intelligence to collect the data and analytics about your prospect from different digital media channels to nurture customers and to provide better customer experience. This Artificial Intelligence can relate this data to the outcome of the possible sales of your campaigns. 

  • Understand Customers

Understanding the customer is the most difficult task in the Digital Marketing Platform but with the help of data gathered by marketing automation solutions, it can be easier for marketers to understand what their customer’s needs & expectations are. Using these AI data markets can create a customer profile so that this data can make it easier to segregate customers who are interested in the product from those who are still considering or will not purchase. 

  • Find the Trend

Data generated in marketing automation can be used to detect upcoming trends by joining in real-time conversations or events of the users. 

Examples of how to use AI in marketing

Here are a few examples of AI marketing. 

  • Programmatic Ad Targeting

Basically, programmatic ad targeting is automating all or parts of the ad-buying process. Using software-driven technology you can purchase ad slots on publisher’s websites. This is a long term process but with the help of AI in digital marketing, the changes are simpler in the automated process.

Marketing AI evaluates users based on their behavior, demographic data, cookie data, and other criteria to determine which ad should be shown to each user. The criteria can be anything from location, age, gender, and time & more. If it does match, the ad-buying system will automatically bid on the impression and displays the winning content.

  • Chatbot

Replying thousands of messages manually within your work hours and most of them are asking the same question can be hard. So here chatbots come into the picture, A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that can simulate a conversation with a user in natural language through messaging application or web or any other app. Chatbots are one among the foremost advanced and promising expressions of interaction between humans and machines. This significantly reduces the time that’s needed for human intervention and response, thus, saving time and money. 

  • Speech Recognition 

Speech Recognition is the process that enables a computer to recognize and respond to spoken words and then convert them in a format that the machine understands. Depending on the end goal machine may convert it into another form of data. Speech recognition is even used in apps such as Google Maps or any other hands-free system. 

  • Content Generation 

The manual generation of content is a long and dull process. But what if having a website that can generate its own content, you don’t have to hire writers or editors for the content. Content Generation with AI will help you to speed up your content creation. Since the demand for content is high, AI tools might be of great help to you in case you are in need of good content.   

  • Dynamic Pricing 

Through the data-driven strategy and to remain competitive you can use AI-based dynamic pricing. With Machine Learning for price optimization to cater to the customer needs and expectations, you can use this. To provide real-time pricing, an application’s or website’s bot can monitor your predictive analytics such as using the criteria of cookies, history, searches, and more. Customers can benefit from dynamic pricing when the demand for a product is down. 


Artificial Intelligence helps industries or businesses to collect different types of data & obtain more in-depth analyses and force them to take action based on the effective use of information. 

There’s no better time for marketers to start testing how Artificial Intelligence can help create highly personalized experiences for consumers. With AI poised to continue growing across all industries and segments, marketers should dedicate time and resources to experiment with strategies and ensure their marketing organization is set up for continued success, both now and within the future.

What are your thoughts about AI in marketing? Let me know in the comments below. Also please share it with your friends. Thank you!

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