How To Create an Email Drip Campaign

In this blog post, you will learn how to create an email drip campaign. An email drip campaign is nothing but a set of sequences of emails that are sent over time triggered by some action by a user or by other things time or delay.

Email marketing is an effective way to drive traffic, engagement, and sales. But it’s not just that. It’s also a great way to build authority in your niche.

Drip campaigns have become one of the most popular forms of email marketing for a reason: they work. I’ll teach you how to set up an email drip campaign and make it work for you.

After this blog post, you will be able to understand what is an email drip campaign. You will also get an idea of what different types of campaigns & how many emails you should be sending in a drip campaign. I’ve also shared the list of email drip campaign software and what is the best software to use for the email drip campaign.

In the end, you will get some examples, templates, and best practices for an email drip campaign.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

What is an email drip campaign?

An email drip campaign is a marketing strategy used to nurture and grow leads. It’s also known as a lead nurturing campaign. The idea behind an email drip campaign is to send emails to your subscribers at regular intervals, for example, every day or every second day.

Email drip campaigns are an effective, timely, and inexpensive way to reach your leads. They can also be automated for maximum efficiency.

To nurture your leads and convert them into customers, take advantage of email drip campaigns. Email drip campaigns are simple to set up and easy to maintain.

There’s a lot to learn about drip marketing. That’s why I’ve compiled everything you need to create your very first email drip campaign.

email drip campaigns

To give you an idea you can see in the above image when a subscriber clicks on a particular link he’s being copied to another group and after three days he will be receiving the second chapter of a book. So this sequence is called a drip sequence and it is done automatically in the email drip campaign.

What are the different types of drip email campaigns?

The uses of email drip campaigns would totally depend on your use case and your marketing goals. But I believe following are the some of the popular email drip campaigns that every business uses if not most of the business uses.

  • Customer or employee onboarding emails
  • Marketing retargeting email campaigns to increase sales or brand awareness.
  • Abundant cart email campaigns nudging the prospect to make the purchase.
  • Post-purchase campaigns delight the customers or ask them to refer others with a referral program.
  • Free trial emails with one day gap nudging the customer to make the purchase or by the full course or premium course.
  • Email newsletters weekly or twice a week to your subscribers.

How many emails should be there in an email drip campaign

The number of emails in a drip campaign obviously depends on your use case. For instance, if you are running a free trial product campaign then there might be seven emails that are sent alternatively days over the period of 15 days.

On the other hand, there might be only five emails in an employee onboarding process.

When it comes to e-commerce and you are sending an abandoned cart email, you can send a reminder of marketing a purchase twice a week. This also depends on the price of your product and the type of your product.

Generally, B2B sales cycles are more complex than consumer products. So according to that, you have to set the number of emails. If you have a marketing team then your marketing manager would help you understand how to go about it.

Just make sure you are not overdoing it and you are not spamming your subscribers.

What are the different email drip campaign software or tools

When it comes to drip email marketing, there are a number of different tools at your disposal.

  • MailerLite
  • Get Response
  • Constant Contact
  • AWeber
  • Mailchimp

Some email tools are more advanced and come with features that most of the time big companies need but if you are looking for an email drip campaign to start with I would highly suggest you go with MillerLite.

Which is the best tool for email drip campaigns

If you are a beginner with email marketing and automation and I would highly suggest you go with MailerLite. It provides you with an interface where you can design automated email sequences with a lot of customization and conditions.

It gives you a drag-and-drop editor you can also make use of different templates and there are pre-built templates also so basically making the light will increase the speed of your DP email campaign creation process.

How to write email drip campaigns

To create an email drip campaign you can watch the below video where I have explained in detail with an example how you can quickly create an automated email drip campaign.

Creating a drip campaign with MailerLite is super easy.

Below this video, you can find the steps.

Steps to create an email drip campaign

  1. Get a free MailerLite account
  2. Build your email list. If you already have subscribers or contacts add them to a group.
  3. Go to the automation section and create a new automation workflow.
  4. Select the trigger as – When subscribers join the group
  5. Add conditions and actions as you like.
  6. Make use of an email drag-and-drop editor to create the emails you like.
  7. When done editing the email send test emails to cross-check.
  8. Turn on the automation flow and wait for the results.

Different email drip campaigns examples

Sending emails during product or service free trial

When you give a product to use for free for a specific period of time. During this time you can send your users some other useful information about the product.

Such nudges will help your users better understand the product and also make a buying decision or upgrade to the pro plan of your service or product.

Sending emails for travel deals

Below is another use case of such a campaign. In this campaign, you can see we have first sent an email containing the travel deals.

Then we checked if the receiver has opened our email. If the receiver has not opened the email move them to another group.

And if they have opened the email send them a welcome email or something like that. You get the idea.

email drip campaigns

You might have experienced such kind of email when you sign up on a travel website. They will nudge you with an offer.


The email drip campaign is a great tool to nurture leads from cold prospects into active customers. It becomes more important if you already have some number of leads but they are not ready to buy now. Email drip campaigns could be an effective way to turn these prospects into customers.

A well-planned email drip campaign can help you nurture your customers to buy from you. These campaigns increase customer engagement, build customer relationships and help in keeping the customers at their best.

I personally feel that email drip campaigns are very effective marketing tools.

The person on the other end of the campaign feels very good about your brand and hence is likely to continue engaging with your brand and even purchasing from you. There are a lot of benefits to using this method.

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