The secret of getting low CPC & High conversions in Google ads

The secret is having a good Google ads Quality score! Yes that's right. Lets see how to have one.

A Quality score of 8 out of 10 will give you a good discount on CPC of 38% and a better chance of conversions because your ad will be shown at the top

To have a good quality score lets first understand how it is measured

It is dependent on

– Click-Through-Rate(CTR) – Keyword relevancy – Landing page quality and relevancy – Ad copy relevancy – The past performance quality of your Google Ads campaigns.

How do you improve the Google ads quality score? 

Although Google has not provided a clear indication, we can make the best guess based on our prior experience running Google ads

You can improve Quality score by, 

– Proper Keyword research: Make sure your keywords are highly relevant – Group keywords in proper Ad groups continue...

You can improve Quality score by, 

– Write appealing and highly relevant ad copies. – Make the landing page content relevant to the ad copies and keywords. – Optimize the negative keywords list.